This site is dedicated to preserving the Lisbon Falls Worumbo lot along the Androscoggin river.

The Lisbon Economic Development office and the Lisbon Town Council are moving forward with a plan to give a large portion of the property to a developer to build two multi story apartment buildings which will obstruct the amazing view and reduce public access.

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History of the Worumbo Site

We envision a future at this site that can be used for public gatherings, festivals, fairs and other events. It will continue to​ draw visitors to Lisbon to attend these events and experience the beauty of the river.

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Communities that embrace green space as an economic 

development tool tend to attract new residents and business growth around the community space.

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This development is being promoted as “a great way to support the downtown businesses”. The downtown businesses however are not unanimous in their support. Please see the testimonial section below to hear the thoughts of local business owners.

Feedback from local businesses

Local Business Owners Speak Out

Sandy Harkins & Mike Wilding


The Railroad Pub

If apartments are added to the site, we will not only lose the view, but we will also lose the ability to run our business and provide a valuable resource to those in need. 

Read Sandy and Mike's Story

The Austin Family


Frank's Restaurant & Pub

Why should we save the view? Because our community just discovered it in 2016. As owners of Frank's, everyday comments are made when people are seated by our floor to ceiling windows that face the river ..."this is a stunning view" and "these are the best seats in the house"

Read The Austin's Full Statement

Fern Larochelle


Fern's Body Shop

The Worumbo site is a beautiful piece of property that could be so incredibly beneficial to our town. I have very serious concerns about residential use. 

See Fern's statement

Statement From 207 Edibles

Statement from Lisbon Cannabis